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Meet Tune®

What can Tune® can do for you?
Alan Lovelace, RPM Pizza, LLC

“The concept (Tune®) proved true, and did what we were looking for.”

Believe it or not, these modern devices produce heat and add disruptive noise to your electrical system.

Your business has lights, pumps, ovens, refrigerators, heat lamps, HVACs, registers, chargers, and many other devices. There are too many to count

This wonderful device.

The heat and disruptive noise in your electrical system are real. You don’t see them, but you are paying for them. Tune® addresses this disruptive noise to reduce electricity consumption, prolong electronic appliances' life, and preserve our valuable natural resources.

What can Tune® do for you?

Image by John Schnobrich

It’s simple. Tune® reduces your electric bill, extends the life of your equipment, and reduces maintenance — preserving valuable natural resources.

— Nate Lee, RPM Pizza, LLC

“We found savings in energy consumption, which translated to savings in dollars.”

Your Tune® device arrives with everything necessary for a successful installation.

We recommend installation by a certified electrician. A certified electrician will ensure a successful and safe installation.

How does Tune® work?

Tune® installs inside your breaker box.

Once installed, your Tune® device captures your electrical system's unnecessary and disruptive noise (harmonic frequencies). In doing so, Tune® reduces the heat and fluctuations to save energy and electronics.

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